Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Pot Roast Fumes

My downstairs neighbours seem to be cooking up a serious pot roast this winter's eve. I can smell it through the floorboards something fierce.

Makes me want to barge in there and take a huge bite of it.

Not sure if that makes me a worse vegetarian or neighbour.

Something to ponder as I tuck into my tofu-burger.


("Murray's Pastrami", 2/04, Chicago, Ezra Soiferman)

Ezra's Favourite Songs of 2006: "Filmmaker's Dozen"

("Rock n' Roll Over Me", 2001, L.A., Ezra Soiferman)

Here's my list of the best songs of 2006 in case you were curious about what I was feeding my ears on this past year...

Ezra’s “Filmmaker’s Dozen”

(New Classics You May Have Missed In 2006)

(in no particular order)

-"Square One" by Tom Petty www.tompetty.com
-"The Underground" by Kat Goldman www.katgoldman.com
-"Where I Live" by Leeroy Stagger and The Sinking Hearts www.leeroystagger.com/
-"Empty" by Ray Lamontagne www.raylamontagne.com
-"Ash Wednesday" by Elvis Perkins www.elvisperkins.net
-"O Mary Don’t You Weep No More" by Bruce Springsteen www.brucespringsteen.net
-"Janka" by Amadou & Mariam www.amadou-mariam.com
-"Heart Attack Feeling" by Socalled www.myspace.com/socalled
-"The Death Of Johnny Cash" by Emily Carr www.myspace.com/emilycarrmusic
-"Workingman's Blues #2" by Bob Dylan www.bobdylan.com
-"What Does It Mean Now?" by World Party www.worldparty.net
-"On The Radio" by Regina Spektor www.reginaspektor.com
-"Thin Blue Flame" by Josh Ritter www.joshritter.com
-"Don't You Be So Mean (Jellybean)" by Justin Rutledge www.justinrutledge.com

I'm jealous of your ears if they are about to hear any of these wonderful songs for the first time. Some (songs, not ears) might be available on iTunes if you're in any kind of rush whatsoever.


Ezra's 'Vintage' MySpace Blogs

For those with access to MySpace, here's the link to read any of my 2006 MySpace blog postings you may have missed (a wholly different blog than Ez Sez).

Lots of cool stuff to see there if you've got time to kill and an interest in this guy they call Ez.


Here's a couple of samples from that there MySpace blog trove:

Friday, November 17, 2006, 5:24PM

More From my pocket pad...

Here's another culled from my last pocket pad. A bit steamy...

3/25/06, Ezra Soiferman, MTL,

Talk together
Walk together
Eat together
Sleep together
Dream together
Tea together


Sunday, November 05, 2006, 2:20PM

Good News / Old Hat:

Good news... you are pretty much able to do anything. First step is to figure out what you want to do and then find those who can help you do it. Third step is to do it.

That's what just occurred to me.

Thought I'd share it.

If this is news to you, cool! If it's a good reminder, even better. If this sounds like old hat, wear it.

Old hats are cool.



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