Sunday, May 13, 2007

The new Ez Sez logo is here...

It's here: the brand new, spiffed-up, official Ez Sez logo!

New logo (unveiled 5/13/07)

The logo above is based on my drawing which you'll see below.

Extra special thanks go out to my uncle Gerry Goodfriend for his fantastic graphic design skills which helped transform the hand-drawn image into the zippy logo that now proudly represents the Ez Sez site.

Original hand drawn logo (Unveiled 3/07)

Here's to your own logos, friends and strangers. I hope you have as much fun creating a logo as I did!


It's Mothers Day

(Click pic for juicy view)
(Mothers Day Flowers and Parking Ticket, London/Morin Heights/Montreal, 2006/2005/2003)

A very happy Mothers Day to my mom, every mom and all those future momma's out there.

Thanks for inspiring.