Friday, January 12, 2007

Who is Josh Ritter?

(Photo of Josh Ritter in Ireland by Doug Rice)

In case you've never heard of this smiling dude, I present here for you a hot tip:

Josh Ritter.

Twang, heart, soul and fire. All pouring from this Idaho singer's mouth and your stereo speakers. Been a fan since album 2 and now he's up to album 5.

A brand new slide show from his latest tour (in Ireland where apparently he's a household name for years already) was just put online today. One of the best rock photo series I've seen in years. Let it load up for a moment then slide away...

PLUS: Josh, who always seems to be in a great mood in concert (a real gift) is on Letterman tonight (Friday, Jan 12, 11:35PM, CBS). (Update: you can now see the performance on YouTube.)

When Josh comes through Montreal I bring him hot bagels backstage (I do this for all my favourite artists when they come to town). Last time, he dedicated a song to me and the bagels asserting that "Montreal bagels are the closest bread comes to crack."

Well, Josh, your songs are the closest music comes to hot bagels.

Rock on everyone. Enjoy the tunes and slide show pix.


Visit Josh Ritter's official site.

Or his official fansite.

("Bride's Bagel", 9/00, Montreal, Ezra Soiferman)

A Bog On The Blog

(Click image for juicy view)

I was going to call this EzraPixSeries one "Hands, Trunks & Feet" but opted for the title "A Bog In The Blog" instead.

Might it be because it's both raining big thick raindrops AND snowing soft, slow flakes at the same time outside now?

Could very well be.

God bless Mother Nature.

Enjoy the fresh EzraPix series. More pix series at



("Barceloner Boner", 12/06, Ezra Soiferman)

It took a humdinger of a junk mail to point out the following fact to me, and in turn, to you:

"Hi, Dude. I don't care why your one-eyed monster is so small, but 73% of women do. They are pretty sure that a bigger ramrod will make their desire stronger. You have the chance to change your life."

Here's to SPAM for bringing us the facts. And here's to that other 27% of women into smaller ramrods...

Like this lovely bubby who appears in a friend's doc about seniors and their sex habits.

As they say, oy gevalt.


"Kinky corsettes..."

The title of this post, Kinky corsettes, is actually the first two words of this outstanding song that I'd be eating with chopsticks in the left hand and a fork in the right if it were a Chinese dish.

To see Dave Sanders and his band Weeping Buffalo play live, drop in with a trail of friends to Sala Rossa on St-Laurent in Montreal on January 22. I'll be there. And about a dozen poets up on stage during the night. And a few other singers/bands Dave's invited. A night he's calling Looking For Tetro. (That dude on the flyer above.)

This may just be be hailed as the one-night festival that didn't call itself a festival and still sent you home feeling like you enjoyed something like you haven't in a while. That's my gut feeling.

You might like it so much you'll even try to sneak out the back door with a fistful of cash as Dave sez in the song.

Maybe see you there. If you go, remember to request "that Fistful song with the naked MySpace page". Well not naked... it's wearing kinky corsettes.

Here's to both chopsticks AND forks.


P.S. The official Dave Sanders site is here but it doesn't have the kinky corsettes song. There are four other great songs at the official page. Enjoy!