Friday, January 15, 2021

"It's the Winter Again"


Watch the short film by clicking HERE.

I made a fun new short film called "It's the Winter Again". 

I filmed this action-packed sledding film in January 2021 at Murray Hill Park in Westmount, Quebec, a neighbourhood in Montreal, Canada. I used to toboggan at this hill as a kid and it was nice to return there with my daughter (who makes a cameo at 33 seconds into the film, jumping up and down) to enjoy the slope. 

The short features a song I wrote, sang and recorded back in 1999. 

You can watch the 49-second film by clicking HERE

CBC-Montreal's Debra Arbec introduces "It's the Winter Again"

The film premiered on January 14th on CBC-Montreal's 6 o'clock newscast, hosted by Debra Arbec. You can watch the short clip of the news segment featuring the film by clicking HERE

Enjoy the short!