Thursday, January 11, 2007

"That's so weird..."

I walked into a cafe today and bumped into an old friend. She looked at me kinda freaked out and said...

"That's so weird..."

I had to know...

"What's so weird?"

She was silent. Then she said...

"I was just looking at your picture on your blog a second ago and then you walked in. Whoa..."

I just replied "Cool!" at the time, but maybe the proper reply would have been:

"Sorry for interrupting, I'll leave you to be alone with my blog."

Blog etiquette... such a complicated thing.

Either way, keep enjoying the blog, folks. And if I saunter into the room, don't be freaked out... It's the very same me.


Shuffle It Up

("Smorga's Bored", 2002, Chicago, Ezra Soiferman)

Anyone who's used iTunes knows the power of the Shuffle feature. It basically randomizes all the songs on your computer.

Just wanted to thank whomever invented this function. It really adds that great 'buffet feeling' to another important part of life: musicalization.

Here's to mixing things up in the world and having a soundtrack to go along with it.


Fresh thought...

("Mass Confucian", c. 1997, NYC)

(1/11/07, MTL, Ezra Soiferman)

Encourage the down to the up
The dark to the light
The backwards to the forwards
Watch as it drives you
Towards growth, inspiration...
And hope
And you better hope
Cuz if doing all that leads to a bad place...
Something ain't right.

Thanks to all for droving by the Ez Sez Blog yesterday.

What a launch, what comments, what an experience to launch something new again.

Always an honour, friends. Keep launching and lunching there too.