Friday, April 21, 2017

CBC Arts - Article on the residency

So honoured to have had my Tweed residency written up as a feature story on the CBC Arts page. You can read the article here.

Other recent articles include a piece in Civilized and a story in the Times of Israel.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ez in Res' - New short and an auspicious day...

Click image to watch the short on YouTube

Dear Ez Sez Friends,

To celebrate my 45th birthday today, I’m releasing my new short, Ez in Res', about my year so far as the world’s first artist-in-residence at a cannabis company, namely Tweed, Canada's largest licensed cannabis producer.

By coincidence, today is also the day the Canadian Government has chosen to table legalization legislation in Parliament to officially start the process of ending 94 years of prohibition in Canada.

I am humbled by the auspicious timing. Best birthday present ever. :)

Thanks to Lake of Stew for the use of their classic tune, “Free Medicine,” (available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify).

Special thanks to Tweed for supporting my career, my travels and my art. A huge honour.

So, hit play on the video, sit back and travel with me via Ez in Res', my new photo-based music short, or music photeo. Enjoy the vicarious voyages to places I visited this year that included: NYC, Nashville, L.A., Denver, Boston, Kentucky, Kingston (Jamaica) and of course, the sprawling old Hershey's chocolate factory in which Tweed grows much of its cannabis in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Please pass the video along to a friend if you think they'll dig it too. Share it via YouTube or just send up a smoke signal. :)


Ezra Soiferman
Filmmaker, photographer & friend
Montreal - Lots more photography and film info at my site.

Bonus: In case you missed it last August, click this link to watch my other Tweed Artist in Residence music photeo, "The Walls of Montreal" about all the incredible murals around my hometown.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Museum of Jewish Montreal Interview

(Click image to listen to the audio interview, 22 mins)

Here's a new interview with me done by Aviv Milgram, Community Manager at the Museum of Jewish Montreal, for the museum's Oral History Project.

Their description states: "Listen to documentary filmmaker and street photographer Ezra Soiferman talk about his Jewish upbringing in Montreal, his career path as a documentary filmmaker, and his projects as a street photographer, accompanied by a discussion of his artistic approach, outlook on life, and love for Montreal."

Honoured to have been featured as part of this project.

Visit the Museum of Jewish Montreal at their new digs on St-Laurent corner Duluth or online here:

Thanks for listening to the interview.