Monday, April 8, 2024

"Half & Half Blood Orange" (aka Eclipse Orange) - New short film!

Click here to watch the short film "Half & Half Blood Orange" (aka Eclipse Orange)

🌞🌓🍊You won't believe what I found... I call it the 'eclipse orange'. 

This is for real. An anomaly of a Sanguinelli blood orange (a variety from Spain) that was so completely unusual I was inspired to make a short video about it. 

🎥✨Watch my kooky new short "Half & Half Blood Orange" (aka Eclipse Orange) here: It's only 1 minute long and it makes for some very juicy viewing. 

P.S. This 🍊 was not half-painted deep purple, or dipped in crimson ink, or altered in any way that I can detect and this is definitely not an AI photo or video you are seeing. This was the ONLY blood orange that looked like this at my beloved local fruit store, Fruiterie Monkland, in Montreal's NDG neighbourhood. 

Have you ever seen a 'half & half' 🌓blood orange like this!? Leave your thoughts about this crazy piece of fruit, or this crazy piece of movie, in the comments below. 

🌞Happy eclipse day (April 8, 2024) and happy orange eating to all. 

B🍊n cinéma!