Thursday, July 31, 2008


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("Cashbird", 7/08, MTL/St-Adolphe, Ezra S.)

(7/31/08, MTL, Ezra S.)
Sometimes a bird too fast to believe
Plum like Johnny Cash flies through the leaves
You bite the berry shaped of sweet hearts
Cashbird, cashbird your life's gone art

Fly on, fearless reader...


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where are YOU?

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("Hot Wheels", 7/08, Ile d'Orleans, QC, Ezra S.)

No matter how you find your way to Ez Sez, chances are you're in a very cool part of the world.

Here's the freshly updated list of where Ez Sez readers hail from.

Sending you a big hail-o wherever you may be!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good news...

Hi Ez Sezzers!

Welcome back to the site.

I've got some good news...

-Just got my first digital camera... new pix to share (see last few Ez Sez postings below for a taste of what's to come!)

-Opened a cozy new cinema... CinemaSpace at the Segal Centre... come by sometime. (There's a rare early Coppola film playing this Wednesday!) More info here.

CinemaSpace: Canada's 1st movie theatre with hemp-covered seats!

-And, best of all... I just got engaged... to my love, Alexandra.

Nope, we don't have a wedding date yet.

Yup, her dress will be hemp!

Here's a little poem I wrote for my sweetheart ten days after meeting her in May 2007...

Love to all from Montreal,


Bonus for film fans: To be added to the CinemaSpace mailing list, email me a request at (ezra at pressuredrop dot com). If you're daring, let me know a cool film you think should play there! Who knows...

Monday, July 28, 2008

More birds...

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I took these three bird pix on a road trip through Quebec the last few days.

(Not to be confused with the 'birds' I called 9-1-1 about.)


P.S. Can you spot all 5 birds above? I told you to click the pic quick for the juicy view, didn't I? C'mon, have a look-see...

New leaves...

("Twisty Leaf", 7/08, MTL, Ezra S.)

Here's a fresh leaf for you to ponder.

May new leaves turn for you today.


Friday, July 25, 2008

A salute...

("Banana Boxes at a Flea Market", 7/08, Lachute, QC, Ezra S.)

I send my best to all the monkeys out there. Including the Japanese chimp "Ichiro" who almost shot his handlers but instead traded the stolen tranquilizer gun for a fresh banana.

And best to all the Ez Sez readers out there.

Stay bananas,


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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Friday, July 18, 2008


I have no idea why Al Gore isn't the president, nor why he's suddenly giving speeches that resemble State-of-the-Union addresses, but here's his latest impassioned speech... "We Can Solve It".

Maybe Barack Obama should hire ol' Al as his running mate?

Click HERE to watch the new Gore speech about electrifying America in the next ten years.


Monday, July 14, 2008

E.T. as The Pope

Here's a picture of me and E.T. dressed as the Pope.

(Photo by Marc Ostrick)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hemped-Up Lotus

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Wow! Lotus has just released details of a car called the Eco Elise. A hemped-up version of its nifty Elise sports car.

The hood, hardtop and spoiler are all made of composite hemp fiber panels and the seat upholstery is made of plush hemp fabric.

Plus, it looks pretty wild with those red solar panels (feeding power to the A/C!) on top.

More details at the official press release HERE.

I'm a fan of companies that inject a little more eco into our 'eco'nomy.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mike n' Mary 2B Married....

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("Hand in Hand", Photos by Ez, NYC, 2006)

Congratulations to regular Ez Sez readers Mike Swanhaus and Mary Marrangioni in SOHO NYC. These two lovebirds and friends of mine got engaged this past weekend and I'm so excited for them. Mike was my college roommate and Mary is his new life-long roommate.

Love to all from Montreal,


Monday, July 7, 2008

Pete Seeger Pix

"My main purpose is to show people how good it is to sing together..."
-Pete Seeger, 1980 LP liner notes

I was lucky enough to be at the Pete Seeger concert this weekend. It took place a few blocks from my home in NDG. What an honour to have this legendary folk singer (now 89 years old and going strong!) play here.

Here are a few photos I took...

Sing on,


UPDATE: My photos were posted on the web site of CKUT Radio's Folk Directions. You can now view them there as you listen to podcasts of that exceptionally folk-filled show!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bird, bird, goose...

Actual 9-1-1 call...

Ezra: (In a bit of a flap) Hello!? I'm standing here at the corner of Dr. Penfield and McTavish and there is a... um....a bird... with eight... little birds... about to try to cross traffic on that blind curve on Dr. Penfield Street.

9-1-1 Operator: A bird...?

Ezra: Yes, a BIRD!!! With eight other birds behind it!

9-1-1 Operator: OK, sir... so, what exactly do you want me to do?

Ezra: You better get a police car here real fast to stop traffic or I don't think these... birds... will make it.

9-1-1 Operator: Sure, Ok, I'll send a police car... right away.

Well, the police car never showed up. Not to help the birds, nor to take me off to the loony bin.

In the interim, however, I remembered the word 'duck' and realized that having called the birds 'ducks' in the whole panic might have really helped my case with the operator.

It should be noted that when I first spotted the birds as I was driving by I referred to them as 'goslings' (a word I think I picked up in a nursery rhyme as a kid). Alexandra, who was in the car with me at the time, looked at me funny and said, "Goslings?"

We pulled over and hurried back to help the birds cross Dr. Penfield Street.

Once they were across safely...

...the ducks entered the McGill University campus...

...where they were presented with an honourary ducktorate degree. Ok, actually, where a few students kept them at bay in a courtyard and fed them bread. Finally, McGill security arrived and contacted the city's animal control to take them back to the mountain reservoir from where they had likely wandered.

Just another Montreal morning.

Happy Goslings,