Friday, March 17, 2023

"Montréal, Snowbec" A short film by Ez

Hello Ez Sez readers! I recently released a brand-new short film called Montréal, Snowbec. The 5-minute movie premiered on TV on the CBC’s “Our Montreal” and was released online on the CBC’s Creator Network (Read Ezra’s CBC essay on the genesis of the film here) and on my YouTube channel where the film already has over 20,000 views.

Montréal, Snowbec is my love letter to my beloved hometown.

The short “musical documentary”, which features lively and colourful footage and photos I created over seven winters, paints a timeless, intimate portrait of winter in Montreal, specifically how the city deals with all its snow.

The film bears witness to the ballet-like snow-clearing operations of the city’s mammoth plows as they prowl Montreal's 10,000 kilometres of streets and sidewalks, taking endless dump truck loads to gargantuan municipal dumps.

This is a film for those who love winter and for those who absolutely hate it and only want to watch a short film about it and not have to actually venture out into it.

The film features a soundtrack by my friend and frequent collaborator, acclaimed Montreal hip-hop producer and musician Josh "Socalled" Dolgin.

You can read Bill Brownstein’s front-page Montreal Gazette column on the film here.

You can watch me talking about the film with journalist/host Sonali Karnick on CBC’s “Our Montreal”

You can listen to me talking about the film on The CJN Daily Podcast with Ellin Bessner here, or you can watch the video version of the podcast here.

Enjoy the film! Stay warm! ❄️