Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Musical Discoveries

("Leonard", 5/31/09, Ottawegian Valley)

To make a long story short,
A couple of years back I got my first iPod
I loaded it up with lots of Leonard Cohen songs
My first batch of Leonard Cohen music
What the heck
Hadn't known his stuff much before
(Was always on the Dylan side of the fence)
Next day, I listened to the Leonard Cohen tunes carefully on a flight to L.A.
What do you know...
Found it to be excellent
"So that's what people are raving about," I thought
Stepped off the plane
There he was walking by the baggage carousel
I couldn't resist
"Pardon me, Mr. Cohen...
I'm a nice Jewish boy from Montreal like you
To make a long story short, I got a new iPod yesterday
I loaded it up with lots of your music
My first batch of your music
Hadn't known your stuff much before
And here you are! Wow!
I just wanted to say:
Mazel tov on all that fine music."

He laughed, thanked me and walked on.

Sounds like one of those weird dreams, but it's true.

Here's to musical discoveries coming at just the right time.


UPDATE: My friend Gnome who's on a scooter from Edmonton to Montreal I write this, adds: "Ez, this reminds me of when I put Joni Mitchell's documentary on my iPod Touch last summer and... boom... synchronicity. Wowza. True that, Ez."

(Gnome and Joni, 2008)