Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gowerteh sees the light... Sorry I Missed Your Party

(Photo: Nerile Kamchu, 1974, Gelatin albumen G-type print, ©2002 Mirolexa ImageBank Pty.)

I was touched by this Gowerteh poem, so I thought I'd share it...

He or she supposedly wrote this about an early incarnation of the modern day flash-camera (then the size of 'a robust yet listing watership')...

By J.Y. Gowerteh, 1682, Lower Caernery Mainlands
As featured in Széardoj's Lament, Vol. 47, Lines 612-643
Reprinted with permission

Music in the flashes
People sayeth it matters
All I sayeth is: try me
Music in the flashes

Rocked me like the future
Devoid of food and habit
Someone screameth out: smile now!
Music in the flashes

Sire, crimp, like shorn hair, the thought
Paper rife... and taut
Memories prevail
Love me through the hail
Flashes lighteth our way
The 'morrow, now today
Ask me for lit matches
Music in the flashes

And smile
Sun child
Mist reveals the shiver
Silver'd paper dreams
Listen for good portraits
You are a love
You are a love
Music in the flashes

Goose bumps, no?

Be well, Ez Sezzer, and keep snapping those digital cameras...


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(Would Gowerteh be shocked at how it all may have come so true? You be the judge...)

UPDATE: Thanks for all the comments, guys!