Wednesday, November 9, 2022

New Music Photeo: "Stages of Psychosexual Development"

Ryan Stotland in the music photeo for "Stages of Psychosexual Development". Watch it here.

Here it is, perhaps the kookiest in a long line of strange and beloved film projects I’ve undertaken. 

I was hired to create a brand new short video for the fun, funny and very Freudian song “Stages of Psychosexual Development” by talented Montreal singer-songwriter Ryan Stotland. 

To accomplish this ‘music photeo’ (my name for something halfway between a music video and a souped-up photo slideshow - this one is my tenth - watch them all here:, I carefully combed through my entire digital photo archive from the past 12 years (over 100,000 images) and selected the most suggestive and appropriate (sometimes inappropriate) shots to accompany Ryan’s song that delves deep into Freud’s (sometimes discredited) 1905 theory of sexual development. 

You can watch the new video here:

Hope you get a kick out of it! 


Friday, September 23, 2022

New Music Photeo "The Junk At My Cottage"

Michael Dworkind, aka Dworko, in "The Junk At My Cottage".
Watch it here

Today, September 23rd, 2022, I am thrilled to share my brand-new short musical film, “The Junk At My Cottage”! It is part 2 of my trilogy on Montreal sculptor and renaissance man, Dr. Michael Dworkind, aka “Dworko”. (Part 1 was "The Junk On My Roof from 2021. Watch it here.)

Michael, a dear friend, has three distinct passions: medicine, environmental activism and art.

This 5-minute ‘music photeo’ presents photos I have taken of some of the dozens of whimsical and fantastical sculptures made by Michael up at his wonderland-for-the-senses country cottage, Villa Miriam, up in the Laurentians, an hour north of Montreal.

These quirky sculptures are entirely composed of recycled and natural materials and represent a vivid peek into Michael’s endlessly creative soul. 

It’s Michael’s almost unbelievably varied and accomplished story that first attracted me... 

On the medical front, he was senior academic staff at Montreal's Jewish General Hospital and the Herzl Family Practice Centre and the founder and Director of the Palliative care training program for 30 years.

Now retired from hospital work, Michael serves at the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Santé Cannabis, the leading education and resource centre for the use of medical cannabis in Quebec. 

On the activist front, Dr. Dworkind won Nobel Peace Prizes in 2015 and 1985 as part of international physician groups working to abolish nuclear weapons.

It is as an artist, though, that Dworko finds true peace and tranquility. Whether it's at his home in NDG or on weekends and summer vacations up at Villa Miriam, he beautifies the world one recycled masterpiece at a time.

Watch “The Junk At My Cottage” and please share it with friends, family and fellow art lovers. 

Watch it here:

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Thursday, June 2, 2022

New 'Music Photeo': "Purple Clouds"


Still from "Purple Clouds".
Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

🎸☁️🚗I took a magical road trip out to Shawinigan, Quebec, last week to see friends and unexpectedly ended up shooting a brand new music photeo (a music video featuring my photos) for the incredibly talented James Forest on a secret lake near his place just outside “Shawi”. 

James Forest at the lake

The brilliant tune is called “Purple Clouds” and the impromptu video came about when I asked him to play it once we got to the lake.

The sweet “behind-the-scenes” photo below of me filming
James was shot by Ilana Block.

WATCH the full video for “Purple Clouds” in HD at the YouTube link here:

Hope you dig James Forest’s music as much as I do! Look for it on all the music streaming platforms. His sound is reminiscent of Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Harmonium. 

Enjoy the video and your discovery of this gem of a dude…


P.S. To see other music photeos I've done over the years, please click here