Sunday, August 24, 2008

Steps of life...

("Steps Of Life", 8/08, MTL, Ezra S.)

(7/2001, Montreal, Ezra S.)

Steps of life... and steps of dreaming
Tied together like a lover's knot
Out adrift on the waves of passion
and anchored hard on the river of time
Yeah, beneath the stars, on the canvas of the sky

Quiet now... do you hear the thunder?
Growling deep in the basement of your heart
Spread the news, you’re gonna find it
and set it loose like a lightning rod
Yeah, beneath the stars, on the canvas of the sky...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trucks upon trucks...

(Click pic quick for juicy view)("Trucks Upon Trucks", 8/08, MTL, Ezra S.)

Spotted (and striped) in traffic yesterday.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cross that street...

(8/08, MTL, "Red Socks At Water")

(8/19/08, MTL, Ezra S.)

Turn that page
Round that turn
Climb that hill
Cross that street
For all
For you

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


(Click pic quick for juicy view)

I had a dream on Saturday night: strange fuzzy animal looking at me.
The next day I hit a pothole, walked back to it and photographed it with nearby tree apples in it. Therapeutic, I suppose.
I then turned around and saw a gopher eating an apple.
He looked me in the eye and kept eating.
Could it be that dreams come true?

Go figure...


Saturday, August 9, 2008


("StrawHeartberry", 7/08, Laurentian Mountains, QC, Ezra S.)

I like to invent things. In this case I invented a name: StrawHeartBerry

This friendly fraise got stuck with a body that looks a little like a heart.

Thanks to my niece Mia Zee for bringing this fruit to my attention.


Little boxes...

("Have A Crate Day", 7/08, Lachute, QC, Ezra S.)

Friday, August 8, 2008


(8/8/8, MTL, Ezra S.)

Search tonight for hatelessness
It turns right up alright
Like soldiers dropping guns
Returning home to mum
For them I write this song

Dream tonight 'bout hatelessness
It feels like something right
Like athletes arm in arm
At peace with such alarm
For them I write this song

Find tonight some hatelessness
More true than to just fight
Us all together tied
Olympic human rights
For them I write this song

Dare you to sing it...
With any tune you can
Or as a lonesome jam
Dare you to sing it...
Hatelessness tonight
Hatelessness tonight...

(click pic quick for juicy view)
("Hummingbird In Thought and Thought Alone",
7/08, Laurentian Mountains, Ezra S.)

Today's Ez Sez is dedicated to all the heroes and strangers abused at the hands of their own governments or the hands of someone else's.

Be your own billion dollar tournament, athlete and human right.

(And not just tonight.)

Hope to all from Montreal,


Ezra Soiferman
Filmaker, etc.
12:12am, 8/8/8

Update: I'd like to send out a big congratulations to all the performers and athletes involved in the incredible Olympic opening ceremonies going on now. What a show!
-Ez, 8:38am.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

CBC's Q Museum

(Snippet of CBC's Q Museum)

The popular daily CBC arts radio show "Q", hosted by Jian Gomeshi, has made its final selection of artworks submitted to its Q Museum. The new fun-to-look-at website features 177 works sent in by listeners from across Canada. And... they picked a little something I'd sent in.

Have a look at the museum here and see if you can spot my submission... (hint: it's the only written submission. All the rest are photos, sculpture or graphic arts.)

Have a qtiful day.


Friday, August 1, 2008

Swedish surprise...

Naughty pranksters recently transformed a Swedish park into more than your garden-variety flowerbed. Read the article here.

("He don't have glaucoma...
he just digs the atmosphere!"
Avtar Singh in a scene from Pressure Drop)

The "Ez Sez now-that-you-menton-it..." bonus: Watch Pressure Drop, the award-winning NYU short by Ez and Marc Ostrick.