Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Grass Fed" - Medicine never tasted so good...

Grass Fed poster designed by Heath Cairns

Hello Friends,

Exciting news to share... my first feature-length documentary, Grass Fed, premiered on 11/24/15 on Canadian TV on CBC's Documentary Channel.

Update: If you missed the TV broadcasts and live in Canada or the USA, you can now watch Grass Fed on iTunes!  Here is the iTunes USA link. And here is the iTunes Canada link.   (In Canada, the film can also be streamed or rented on Google Play here.)

Mike Paterson in Venice Beach, CA
Grass Fed stars normally high-energy Montreal actor/comedian Mike Paterson as he desperately tries to overcome his debilitating sciatica back pain by securing a medical marijuana prescription and embarking on a marijuana and hemp-infused diet. 

Mike and me in Cancun
Mike supplements this regime with exercise, vegetarian eating, no booze and sheer determination - all in an attempt to turn his health around and lose 50 lbs in the four months before his destination wedding in Mexico.

Mike and his wife, Monika Schmidt, at home in Montreal
Mike also hits the road to California and Colorado to immerse himself in their blossoming 'edibles' scenes to learn how cannabis edibles work and why they’ve suddenly become all the rage.

Mike and "Dr. Dina", cannabis provider to the stars, in Hollywood. Watch a clip with Dr. Dina in Grass Fed here
As Mike exclaims in the film: "Medicine never tasted so good."

Mike with Bob Eschino and Joshua Fink at the Incredibles medicated chocolate bar factory in Denver

Grass Fed contains highlights of Mike Paterson’s live standup act taped at Montreal’s famed Comedy Nest. Grass Fed was filmed in Montreal, Smiths Falls (Ontario), Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, Denver and Cancun. I worked on this doc for over a year with the amazing team at Muse Entertainment and super-editor Rosella Tursi.

Mike with company president Mark Zekulin and cannabis grower Corey Evans at Canada's largest licensed producer of medical marijuana, Tweed, in Smiths Falls, Ontario. 
Grass Fed had its first showing for a crowd at a private screening on December 16th, 2015, at Santé Cannabis in Montreal. Here are a couple of photos from the event which was sponsored by Tweed...

A full house at Santé Cannabis
From LT: Ezra Soiferman (director/camera), Monika Schmidt & Mike Paterson (Grass Fed stars),
Adam Greenblatt & Erin Prosk (Co-Founders of Santé Cannabis)
Here is some press coverage of the film for which I'm very grateful...

Read an interview with Ezra at Snoop Dogg's new Merry Jane site here.

“What begins as a self-deprecating sob story by a beer-drinking night owl, soon turns into a quirky adventure with an unconventional hero on a quest to improve his health through good medicine… This mellow and lite documentary may be just the right prescription needed." - K. Astre,

"Great movie!" - Alan Brochstein,

CityLife on MaTV Montréal - TV Interview with me by host Tina Tenneriello (starts at 43:20)

Montreal Gazette - Bill Brownstein Article & bonus yoga video by the Gazette photographer Pierre Obendrauf.

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is somewhat busy these days, but it would be interesting to get his take on Muse Entertainment’s excellent new feature-length documentary called Grass Fed about marijuana edibles... Find a way to see it. You won't be sorry!” Article by Mike Cohen in The Suburban

CBC-Radio - Daybreak interview featuring Mike Paterson and Ezra Soiferman with host Mike Finnerty.

CHOM-FM - Radio interview featuring Mike Paterson and Ezra Soiferman with hosts Terry Dimonte and Heather Backmon.“Ezra Soiferman is one of my favorite documentary filmmakers.” - Terry Dimonte, CHOM-FM

Lift Cannabis - Review of Grass Fed by Owen Smith. "Grass Fed is funny, informative and inspirational all at once….Mike’s life-altering journey offers something for everyone. With very little experience but a lot of determination, Mike shows what’s possible with a combination of exercise, support, courage and cannabis… Grass Fed’s high quality production and enjoyable soundtrack make it a highly recommended movie for Canadians interested in cannabis.” - Owen Smith,

Civilized - Podcast interview with Mike Paterson by James Mullinger. "I'm a massive, massive fan of Grass Fed…I absolutely loved the documentary. It’s a beautiful film. What’s amazing about it, as well as being hilarious, it’s truly heartwarming."  -James Mullinger, Civilized

Canadian Jewish News - Article By Jonathan Dick

The Comedy Wives Blog - Eight or More Things You Need to Know About Grass Fed by Mike Paterson's wife Monika Schmidt.

Green Rush Daily - Blog post by Chuck Ludley. “…stories like this could go a long way in helping to change cultural attitudes.” Chuck Ludley,

Wise Women Canada - Devouring Cannabis - Op-ed by Ezra.

Interview with Mike Paterson and Ezra Soiferman on the Tweed Vault blog.


This is a really fun one, guys. Hope you're able to see it and spread the word to those friends and family member you think would want to see Grass Fed.

Enjoy the Grass Fed trailer below...

And, please remember to visit and Like the film's Facebook page! Lots of useful articles on edible cannabis recipes, culture and science over there.

Bon cinéma!


Ezra Soiferman
Director, Grass Fed