Saturday, May 21, 2011


(click pic quick for juicy view...)

On the eve of what some are calling Rapture, I created this desert which I'd love to have shared with you (but I ate it all up).

However, I will share that it was definitely rapturous and consisted mostly of a locally sourced peanut-chocolate truffle topped with grocery-grade mint, slow-poured maple syrup, hulled and ballyhood hemp seeds, cinnamon pufflets, a slightly overpriced goji berry, and hand-wrung lime drippins. Served on an uncle's-mom's hand-me-down plate and photographed on a tea-towel buffed range-top with lilacs and apple blossoms blooming out back.

Was it transcendentally delicious? Yes.

Did the world end? Not yet.

If it does, thanks always for being an Ez Sez reader and a friend.

Regards to all from Montreal.