Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good News From Ez...

("Foamboothe", 3/06, London, Ezra Soiferman)

There's good news: You and I are connecting through this new site, The Ez Sez Blog.

I hope all's been well for you. Things have been zipping along busily on my side:

A trip to visit friends and shoot documentary photo series in NY, Paris, Montpellier and Barcelona a few weeks ago.

My new documentary "Posthumous Pickle Party" on Simcha's Grocery in Montreal will screen at the Rendez-Vous Qu├ębecois film fest in Montreal on February 22nd at 7:15pm at the NFB Cinema on St. Denis corner de Maisonneuve in Montreal. A TV broadcast for this wild film is in the works too. (This site will have more details on PPP as it happens.)

New doc films in the works.

New music projects underway.

Poetry flowing like a melting icecap.

And other surprises you'll learn about here in the coming months, years, lifetimes.

Please read on, or just call it a day and go out to play. (I leave it up to you to decide which of these to choose.)

Feel free to leave comments for me and others to see using the link below any of the blogs below. Or just yell your thoughts out the window to the world.

In short: Welcome, friend.


To contact me anytime: ezra at pressuredrop dot com.

Montreal Mirror Article

(Photo of Val and Ezra at Cinema du Parc by Rachel Granofsky)

The Montreal Film Group which I co-run with writer and filmmaker Val Lonergan was honoured by being called a "Noisemaker of 2007" on the cover of this week's issue of the Montreal Mirror.

The MFG brings together members of the Montreal film and TV community for networking events, workshops and parties. The group, started back in July 2004, had 50 members when we launched our website a year ago... we now have over 800 members.

And yes, that is indeed a Scrabble 'E' pin on my green hemp hoody in the photo there. One point for noticing. Nice goin'!

Mirror cover: Click here.

Full article: Click here.

Do you work in film or TV? Consider joining the MFG.

Hemp For The Homeless - UPDATE

All is advancing well with my Hemp For The Homeless project. Within the month I'll be distributing approximately 50 nutritious and functional 'hemp help kits' to homeless people on the streets of Montreal.

Many thanks to all those individuals and companies who have contributed to the project to date:

-Abaka Hemp - Recycled hemp clothing fabric for the hemp paper used in the help kits. This great hemp clothing co. is based in Shawinigan, Quebec, and their products are available at Co-op La Maison Verte in NDG and other stores throughout the province.
-ALPSNACK - Delicious, nutritious and organic hemp energy bars
-Bonnie Harnden + Syd Apel - Fresh-baked oatmeal, chocolate-chip, raisin and hemp cookie recipe
-Bernard Artisanal Bakery - Fresh-baked oatmeal, chocolate-chip, raisin and hemp cookies. Bernard's delicious organic sourdough breads and cookies are available at Co-op La Maison Verte in NDG and other locations in Montreal.
-Chana Goodfriend - Help in packing the kits and readying them for delivery
-Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - 18-in-one all-purpose fair trade organic liquid soap bottles. "All-one!", as Ralph Bronner, the company's VP says.
-EcoLips - Tasty hemp-vanilla lip conditioner
-HT Naturals - Gorgeous long sleeve hemp/cotton T-shirts, Hemp/cotton tote bags
-La Ferme Communautaire Mange-Tout - Organic vegetables for the salads Rumi made (see below).
-Manitoba Harvest - Snack-packs of fresh hulled hemp seeds from the fields of Manitoba.
-The Montreal Film Group - Web site hosting by the MFG
-Papeterie St-Armand - One-of-a-kind recycled hemp/cotton paper for the custom note-pads I added to the bags.
-Penny Idol - Startup funds courtesy of this unique contest I won. The contest is part of Montreal filmmaker Raphael Levy's upcoming short film The Hermitian Penny. My lucky 2006 penny, Juan Redscent, will be starring in this film.
-Sun Dog Hemp - Organic hemp lip balm in peppermint and orange.
-Rumi Restaurant - Delicious cole slaw, potato salad and Jerusalem artichoke salads made with organic Ferme Communautaire Mange-Tout vegetables and Manitoba Harvest fresh hemp seeds

To contribute to the Hemp Help Kits as I ready them for distribution, please contact me at ezra at pressuredrop dot com. All contributions are graciously welcome. Your name will be added to the list above.

Stay tuned for more Hemp For The Homeless updates...

Read the wild backstory about the creation of thr HFTH project here.

Be well and thanks for your interest!

Chief hemp hamper handler
Hemp For The Homeless