Thursday, May 1, 2008

Buttons Away

("The Road From Sedoner", 4/23/08, AZ)

(Ezra Soiferman, 5/01/08, Montreal)

Too much typing and electric gripin'
'Puter away
Buttons away
That's what they'll say
Hit 'Shut Down' today
Put those buttons away...
And breathe...
Fresh sweet air of trees
No more down on our knees
Slaves to the keys
We were slaves to the keys
Buttons away
Buttons away
Freedom today
Buttons away

Dear Ez Sez Reader,

I took a bit of time off from this site and other pursuits for some travels and have returned to the delightful Ez Sez grind with the aforedimentioned poem and pic.

Holidays'll do that to you.

Hunt and peckingly yours,