Friday, April 16, 2021

"The Wildlife - The Walled Life" - new 'music photeo'!

Click here to watch the music photeo
“The Wildlife - The Walled Life” (5:25 mins.)

It was my 49th birthday this week and I have big furry news.  πŸ»πŸ¦ŠπŸ¦†πŸ¦…πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‹πŸ¦“πŸ˜πŸ¦’πŸ  My friend Ilana Block and I are excited to share a brand new ‘music photeo’ we made together!

“The Wildlife - The Walled Life” is a 5-minute, photo-based music video that blends Ilana’s spectacular wildlife photography with my photos of some of the stunning animal murals up on the walls across our beloved Montreal. 

Top row wildlife photos by Ilana Block,
bottom row mural photos by Ezra Soiferman

Oh, and we sing on it too!

Wait... adorable animals, Montreal murals AND the velvety voices of heretofore unknown Canadian singing sensations Lani n’ Ez?!

You sez:  “Okay, THIS I gotta see...” 

Ez sez: “Go ahead, see it!”

WATCH “The Wildlife - The Walled Life” right here:

Mike Cohen, “Cohen in the City” host, with
photographers Ezra Soiferman and Ilana Block. Watch.

Once you’re done watching, learn about the behind-the-scenes of our project at this “On Air - Cohen in the City” feature Ilana and I were guests at on at the Suburban:

Special thanks to our friend Gregg Silver who co-produced the video’s soundtrack and arranged it so beautifully. 

Extra special thanks to all the incredibly talented mural artists who brighten the walls of Montreal with their art and special thanks to all the animals who share their planet with us. 

As the song sez: “May the animals live long, may the chaos settle down…” We made this project to let the animals bring colour, joy and light to us all in these trying times. 

Finally, big thanks to Ilana for creating this with me. Your passion for animals is inspiring. 

Friends, strangers, and animals with a wifi signal, if you dig the new video, please bark, meow, baa, roar, speak and spread the mothercluckin’ word. 

Feel free to share this music photeo with your friends, co-workers and even with kids too. This is an all-ages adventure and we want these creatures to travel. They have lots to teach.  πŸ‡πŸ¦©πŸΏπŸ¦œπŸ¦ŒπŸŽπŸ™πŸžπŸ¦„

For my birthday - and for the love of dog - please strap on your safari hat and experience “The Wildlife - The Walled Life” right here:

❤️ to all from Montreal! πŸ’«


Saturday, February 6, 2021

Hemp for the Homeless 2021


We did it! With all your help after my fundraising plea in December, my Hemp for the Homeless project raised close to $3500 - THANK YOU!!! We took the 150 Hemp Help Kits we assembled and brought them over to a crucial downtown shelter serving the primarily Native community of homeless people in and around Cabot Square across from the Old Forum. The experience was an eye-opening one, as you’ll see from our new video. There is great need out on the streets these days and we witnessed it first-hand.
Please watch my brand new 3-minute short film on the project here:

My daughter and Hemp for the Homeless volunteer,
 Lulu Soiferman

The Hemp Help Kits we assembled were filled with functional and nutritious hemp goods sent up to Montreal from hemp companies the world over. This included: Hemp face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, thick socks, hulled hemp seeds, hemp-oatmeal cookies, energy bars, a letter explaining the contents of the bag and the environmental and health benefits of hemp, and of course a reusable hemp tote bag.

Oatmeal-hemp cookies by Rustique Montreal

Special note: The incredible oatmeal-hemp cookies
Pie Kitchen in St-Henri made for our kits were so crazy good that they are now also available for you to purchase from Rustique. And… for every single one of those beauties Rustique sells from now until the end of February, they will donate one cookie to Resilience Montreal! So, order up...

The contents of one of the Hemp Help Kits
 shared with clients of Resilience Montreal

If this ‘philhempthropic’ project I founded in 2007 strikes a chord and you are in a position to help support future Hemp Help Kit giveaways, please donate at our freshly updated web page: .

You can also donate directly to Resilience Montreal's GoFundMe page here: This week, Hemp for the Homeless donated $1006 of additional donations we received to this great cause.
Thank you to my team of fellow volunteers who helped film the new video, take photos, pack and deliver the Hemp Help Kits and gave me so much support along the way:
Gregg Silver, Lulu Soiferman and

Handing out Hemp Help Kits to a client of
 Resilience Montreal

Thank you to our 30+ partner hemp companies over the years for all the help and all the hemp!
Our magnificent partners this year are:

Some of the functional and nutritious hemp goods 
included in the Hemp Help Kits

Finally, thank you to my fellow hemp believers around the world. You have taught me so much and inspire me constantly with your love for this plant and your infinite stream of original ways to use it.

If there’s one message that drives our mission, it is that this incredibly versatile and planet-friendly plant can do so much good. #hempcanhelp
Love to all from Montreal. Truly.
Ezra Soiferman
Montreal, Quebec

Friday, January 15, 2021

"It's the Winter Again"


Watch the short film by clicking HERE.

I made a fun new short film called "It's the Winter Again". 

I filmed this action-packed sledding film in January 2021 at Murray Hill Park in Westmount, Quebec, a neighbourhood in Montreal, Canada. I used to toboggan at this hill as a kid and it was nice to return there with my daughter (who makes a cameo at 33 seconds into the film, jumping up and down) to enjoy the slope. 

The short features a song I wrote, sang and recorded back in 1999. 

You can watch the 49-second film by clicking HERE

CBC-Montreal's Debra Arbec introduces "It's the Winter Again"

The film premiered on January 14th on CBC-Montreal's 6 o'clock newscast, hosted by Debra Arbec. You can watch the short clip of the news segment featuring the film by clicking HERE

Enjoy the short!