Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bears in space...

This is no joke... a group of school children in the UK sent several teddy bears into space this week. They used a weather balloon, a digital camera, cute little space suits and a bit of help from a local university aerodynamics student. Read more.

I think more things like this should be tried.

Go, kids!

Go, bears!


Thanks to Ez Sez reader Mika Goodfriend from Montreal for tipping me off to this story. Mika's my cousin and edits most of my documentaries. When we were growing up together, we would play with our Paddington Bears ("Stissy" and "Moishea") and sometimes pretend they went to space. Now older and wiser, we still consult with our bears from time to time. Let me tell you, when we checked in with them today, they were as pleased to read the article about the 'space bears' as we were!