Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good News From Ez...

("Foamboothe", 3/06, London, Ezra Soiferman)

There's good news: You and I are connecting through this new site, The Ez Sez Blog.

I hope all's been well for you. Things have been zipping along busily on my side:

A trip to visit friends and shoot documentary photo series in NY, Paris, Montpellier and Barcelona a few weeks ago.

My new documentary "Posthumous Pickle Party" on Simcha's Grocery in Montreal will screen at the Rendez-Vous Qu├ębecois film fest in Montreal on February 22nd at 7:15pm at the NFB Cinema on St. Denis corner de Maisonneuve in Montreal. A TV broadcast for this wild film is in the works too. (This site will have more details on PPP as it happens.)

New doc films in the works.

New music projects underway.

Poetry flowing like a melting icecap.

And other surprises you'll learn about here in the coming months, years, lifetimes.

Please read on, or just call it a day and go out to play. (I leave it up to you to decide which of these to choose.)

Feel free to leave comments for me and others to see using the link below any of the blogs below. Or just yell your thoughts out the window to the world.

In short: Welcome, friend.


To contact me anytime: ezra at pressuredrop dot com.


Ezra Soiferman said...

Hi, Ez

Just wanted to say hi!


Anonymous said...

God bless ya, pal!

PS - Can you post info on my favorite movie of all time (even better than Borat), Tree Weeks.


Anonymous said...

Great news!!! Just keep posting and hopefully we'll have some tea soon. Loved the leaves photo!

Ezra Soiferman said...


Great to hear from you. I've just put a link for Tree Weeks on the left under More Ezish Links. I'll pass on your kind message to Adam Steinman in NYC who co-directed the film with me.

Take good care!


Ezra Soiferman said...

Thanks, Antoaneta!

See you soon...


Anonymous said...

Hey Ezra, long time no see!

I see that you have been busy, read the article in the Mirror last week.

Congratulations on your new Blog, and I will definetely be on the look for this one. Happy new year, and all the best for you and EzSez.

Karina Ruiz Diaz

Anonymous said...

First of all let me say how thrilled i am with the latest iteration of ez sez. One quibble though. There is no method for feedback from members of the Ez Sez community. A friend and fellow ezra-follower and I were once discussing it and we feel that we would like to have an online forum where those of us with an interest in all things ezra can respond to events going on in the world of Ezra, discuss, share information, ideas and suggestions. For example people may have thoughts about new ways they would like to see you try your hair, women we feel you should be dating or artistic directions we would like to see you taking. Also I for one would like a safe space in which to to discuss your body of work with others who share my interest. Some people I am sure might like to swap memoribilia. I also think that it might be interesting if we could somehow map the various sightings of you, perhaps using some kind of mapquest plug-in so that we could have an evolving visual web of ezra overlaying the montreal landscape.

Just a thought. Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Hey Ezra,
It's me, "The bead lady" popping in to say mazel tov on your new blog spot!
Glad to see you are still keeping busy with all your monkey bizness, good for you!!!
All the best of health and happiness, and maybe a few extra sheckles to ya too this brand spanking new year!
Be well,

Ezra Soiferman said...

Thanks, Michelle. Good luck to you and your great bead enterprise. Regards to the whole Hingston Gang!

Nice hearing from you always.


Ezra Soiferman said...

Thanks, Karina, for your letter above! I miss you and Little Buddhah, that old colour Xerox machine. Hope all your graphic design work is progressing like the wind itself.

Excellent to reconnect. Enjoy the frosy Wednesday we've got all around us today.


Ezra Soiferman said...

Wow, Jeremy! What a letter above. I'm not sure what to say.

Today my hair's done up in a bouffante. Any suggestions for tomorrow's 'do?

As far as a 'safe space' or forum where you and others can discuss my works... there's a shady tree within eye-shot of Police Station 12. Would this work? I can alert the fuzz to keep a close watch.

About map functionality to keep tabs on my 'sightings', hmmmm.... should I perhaps implant a GPS tracking chip under my skin? In my bouffante? Could be good!

For real, though, I appreciate your comments and ideas. For now, keep commenting on the blogs so others can read your thoughts. Your essays, articles and posts are always a pleasure to read and always make me laugh. Don't stop.

I'll work on some type of actual users forum too. Qui sait....

Keep your phantom mullet well coiffed, Mr. Wexler.