Friday, January 12, 2007

Who is Josh Ritter?

(Photo of Josh Ritter in Ireland by Doug Rice)

In case you've never heard of this smiling dude, I present here for you a hot tip:

Josh Ritter.

Twang, heart, soul and fire. All pouring from this Idaho singer's mouth and your stereo speakers. Been a fan since album 2 and now he's up to album 5.

A brand new slide show from his latest tour (in Ireland where apparently he's a household name for years already) was just put online today. One of the best rock photo series I've seen in years. Let it load up for a moment then slide away...

PLUS: Josh, who always seems to be in a great mood in concert (a real gift) is on Letterman tonight (Friday, Jan 12, 11:35PM, CBS). (Update: you can now see the performance on YouTube.)

When Josh comes through Montreal I bring him hot bagels backstage (I do this for all my favourite artists when they come to town). Last time, he dedicated a song to me and the bagels asserting that "Montreal bagels are the closest bread comes to crack."

Well, Josh, your songs are the closest music comes to hot bagels.

Rock on everyone. Enjoy the tunes and slide show pix.


Visit Josh Ritter's official site.

Or his official fansite.

("Bride's Bagel", 9/00, Montreal, Ezra Soiferman)

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