Friday, January 19, 2007


(Click image for juicier view)

("Waxen", Barcelona/London/NYC, 2006, Ezra Soiferman)


All I can say in these hard times is Yes
Yes to no
Yes to maybe
Yes to yes


P.S. Happy birthday Lorraine and Fitzy too.


Sam k. k mas. said...

Hey Ez, ze yeh!.

Nice triptych. Chytpirt ecin.

very nice. ecin yrev!

Ezra Soiferman said...

Thanks, Sam!

No Kcor!


sam k. said...

What I think I like is how selection based on colour jives with other relations among the images. Candles lead to flames which lead to explosions which lead to the star-like pattern of the petals, the glitter on the doll (doll) and other ahem floral imagery, and this from material across three land-masses. Wonderful fodder for free-association on the linked-in interwebs or ... postcards!