Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hot and fresh from Montreal...

(Montreal bagels, 3/11/07, photo by Ezra S.)

To all the Ez Sez readers outside Montreal, I send you these hot, fresh bagels to liven up your day.

To all you Ez Sezzers in town, a friendly reminder to consider yourself lucky to live in a town with such fine bagels.

Hot tip: "To revive a refrigerated bagel to near fresh-baked status, slice the bagel in half and lightly moisten the surfaces with a small amount of cold water. Toast or bake the bagel until it is hot throughout and slightly crispy on the surfaces."

It was yours truly who added the above info to the official Wikipedia definition of the bagel a few years back [Update: someone removed it from the definition! :( ] . This is based on my late grandfather, 'Zaidie Berl' Pofelis's trick that he learnt in the Polish countryside as a kid. It is known as 'banetzing' a bagel, which is Yiddish for moistening a bagel.

Nothing like bagels and zaidies to keep breakfasts beautiful...

Banetz boldly,


(Berl 'Benny' Pofelis, c. 1990, Hollywood, FL)

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