Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New SoCalled CD out today!

It gives me great nachess and pleasure to let you in on a little secret... my buddy Josh 'Socalled' Dolgin's new CD was released today across Canada and the USA. The CD has been on the charts in France and was playing all over the radio when I was there in December.

It is sure to make waves here too.

The CD is wild and crazy and tons of fun. Much like Josh himself if you've ever had the chance to see him live on stage or if you've ever met him face to face.

Lots more about Josh and his burgeoning career at this recent Ez Sez post.

Best to all from Montreal!


Buy the CD at Amazon here.
Buy the CD on iTunes
Big interview with Josh at MP3.com today

Read about the new documentary being made by Gary Beitel and Barry Lazar about josh HERE.

P.S. Josh was featured in a big Montreal Gazette feature story this past Saturday. Check your recycling bins! Or click here.

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