Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kim Beggs - A Taste of Yukon in Montreal

(Kim Beggs "Singing With Dog", by Karen Loeb)

The sweet-voiced wonder named Kim Beggs pulled in to Shaika Café in NDG last night to play a country-folk set that pretty much melted my heart with northern twang and near-arctic soul.

Kim's from Whitehorse, Yukon, and I first heard her on Michael Enright's The Sunday Edition CBC radio show. He raved about her and then played a song called "Lips Stained Red With Wine" (listen) that captivated me something fierce. So, when the song ended I wrote the Quebec-born, Toronto-raised, Yukon-fortified Beggs an email and told her how great her song was. Later in the day she wrote back thanking me and telling me she'd love to someday play Montreal...

So I hooked her up with a gig at Shaika (thanks to booker and friend Jenny M.) and the day arrived yesterday.

(Kim and Ez, by Alexandra Yanofsky, 8/1/07)

Thanks to all who attended the show! Thanks to Kim who thanked me on stage for hooking her up with Shaika Café. Glad you were able to spend time with us here in Montreal, Kim. A total treat.


Listen to Kim's 1st CD here.
Listen to her 2nd CD here.
Visit her official web site here.

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alexandra yanofsky said...

thanks for convincing her to swing by - what a sweet show.