Thursday, September 27, 2007

Arnold's mighty pen... (has vetoed the California hemp bill)

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Will California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sign the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act and become the Hemp Hero or will he veto it and become the Hemp Terminator, blocking California farmers from growing hemp which is legal to grow in Canada and nearly all other industrialized nations but illegal in the USA since 1937.

The bill, if ratified, by Schwarzenegger would revise the definition of marijuana, making industrial hemp a legitimate crop in California. This would trigger pilot crops in four California counties.

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Stay tuned for updates at as soon as he signs...


UPDATE: On October 11th, Gov. Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill. See article HERE.

Also: In GQ's October issue, Arnold said "That (marijuana) is not a drug. It's a leaf." Ironic.

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alexandra yanofsky said...

i guess his not so mighty after all. terminator indeed.