Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Socalled video takes top YouTube spot again...

(Josh Dolgin as Socalled as a robot)

Have you seen the incredible new Socalled video for "You Are Never Alone" (AKA "Jewish Cowboy")?

Film Pop played this at the Film Pop/Montreal Film Group opening party last week. The crowd loved it. Mouths were agape. Jaws were at the floor. Eyes were popping.

Ben Steiger-Levine directed this music video and soon after being put on YouTube last week it was featured as one of the vaunted 'Featured Videos' on the YouTube homepage. Over 300,000 views so far! This was the second time a Socalled video was given this honour. The first time was for the Socalled Promo I made with Mika Goodfriend.

Enjoy the new one. It's brilliant...

Click HERE to watch the video.


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Cup said...

Darn; I can't access the video. Gotta hit YouTube; that photo clip has me very intrigued.