Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elvis Perkins concert in Montreal

(Still from the video for "While You Were Sleeping" directed by Osgood Perkins. Click HERE to watch.)

Montreal will once again be treated to an Elvis Perkins in Dearland concert, friends.

I'll be there this Thursday (Nov. 29th) and hope you'll be there too.

2111 St-Laurent at Le Cabaret. The show's at 8pm. Tickets are $15 plus service charge. Bon Iver opens for Elvis. Tickets at Admission or at the door if they aren't sold out by then.

To read more about my friend Elvis and his amazing band, visit his website or have a look at this Ez Sez posting announcing the release of his CD Ash Wednesday which I must say is as brilliant as ever after all these months.

(11/29/07, Le Cabaret, MTL, by Ezra)

Also, Elvis released a brand new version of his song "All The Night Without Love" on iTunes this week. The hot new track was produced by Chris Shaw who engineered Bob Dylan's Love & Theft and Modern Times CDs.

See you at the show on Thursday if you can make it.


P.S. Here's a link to Elvis on Letterman recently.

(11/29/07, Le Cabaret, MTL, by Ezra)

Update: What a show! Thanks to all who attended!

(11/29/07, Le Cabaret, MTL, by Alexandra Yanofsky)

Final thought: A reporter in the Gothamist recently asked Elvis what the most memorable encounter with a fan has been so far. Here's what he replied: "A young girl in Montreal, not our most recent show but the last time we were there. After the show I had gone to the merchandise table and was seeing how it was going and this girl came up to me to thank me for the record because before it came out she said she had been experiencing some palpable void in her consciousness or something and she didn’t know what it was about. And when the record showed up she felt it was the exact positive to fill in the negative she was experiencing. And that gave me the chills. I thought it was pretty major."

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