Friday, February 1, 2008

A Tale of Two Montpel(l)iers...

A strange thing just happened here at Ez Sez...

My server sends me lists of places where Ez Sezzers log into the site from. (Don't worry, they don't tell me who's reading Ez Sez, just where folks are visiting from.)

I'm always excited to read these far-flung names of towns and cities around the world.

So, I just checked and noticed something kind of wild... there were two consecutive readers from the same place... well not the same place, but places with the same name... well not the same name, but almost the same name...

Now, I've been through both Montpel(l)iers in my day but I never knew Ez Sez had fans there.

This posting's for you all in VT and FR.

(And for everyone else reading.)

Here's to more blogoincidences.


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