Friday, October 17, 2008

Hedge fund guru quits and calls for a hemp economy...

("Axe to the Hedge", 10/08, MTL)

This is the stuff of Hollywood films...

A successful California hedge fund manager, Andrew Lahde, cashed in his chips this week and wrote a scathing resignation letter saying farewell to clients and thanking "stupid traders" for making him rich.

Here's where it gets most interesting... he also used the frank letter to say the USA needs to get behind industrial hemp as a way to solve the economies woes.

Read more about Andrew Lahde at Bloomberg Business News HERE.

Read his full letter HERE.

Hedge your hemp bets...


UPDATE: The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) has appealed to Lahde to spare some of his recent multi-million dollar windfall betting against subprime mortgages to help fund the fight to bring hemp farming back to the USA. Read more at the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch HERE.

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