Thursday, January 1, 2009 premieres "Broadway New Year's Day"

(Click to watch the short film at!)

Welcome back Ez Sez Readers,

First off... Happy 2009!

Very cool New Years news to share with you in this latest Ez Sez installment...

A 3-minute film I made called "Broadway New Year's Day" (in which I walk the entire 252-block length of New York's Broadway turning it into a musical 'stop-motion documentary') has launched today on

The brand new L.A-based eGuiders site describes itself as "a video website that uses a remarkable collection of industry insiders and pioneers to help people find the most engaging original videos on the Internet. We search, you watch." I've seen many of the videos there and they really are the cream of the crop of online content.

My old NYU classmate and friend Marc Ostrick (co-creator of our award-winning short film Pressure Drop) is one of the two founders of eGuiders and I'm very excited for him on the recent launch of this phenomenal new site.

While it's still in 'Beta-test' form, already has tons of web videos up with more coming soon. If you like short films and web videos, jump aboard the eGuiders Newsletter List to get updates on new content at the site. Many celebrities and TV industry folks like our NYU buddy Damon Lindelof (co-creator of ABC's "LOST") will be featured at the site e-guiding you to their favourite web video picks. Others are: Jerry Stiller, Shawn Ryan (writer, The Shield), John Landis (director, Blues Brothers) and many more.

To watch my film "Broadway New Year's Day" for free, click here: I'm happy to point out that this is the film's online premiere. I've only ever shown it at live speaking engagements to illustrate taking wild ideas (like walking Broadway top to bottom fueled only by orange juice and sesame seed bagels) and running with them!

Finally, some more good news... After getting engaged in July, Alexandra and I got married on December 21st! Read the next post down the page for more wedding info and to see pix.

Have a super-fine '09! Enjoy my walk down Broadway... Turn the speakers up and enjoy the trip!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Ez!

Anonymous said...

Now that was a thrilling 3 minute ride..a better kick than any roller coaster I've been on.....dazzling~just dazzling

Allan K

Unknown said...

That is a great film. I wonder how many New Yorkers will be inspired to take their own trips down the Great White Way. Thank you, Ezra!

Anonymous said...

The film you made of Broadway was awesome. I feel like I have just spent a day with an old friend, chatting, walking the length of the colorful musical street, imbibing of the spirit and energy of New York. The music is a perfect complement to the images as well, as it conveys the rhythm of the Big Apple. Kudos.