Friday, September 11, 2009

From my Twin Towers files... "New ol' New York"

(Click pic quick for juicy view)

I created this photo/poem montage not long after 9/11.

When I lived in NYC (91-95) I used to take walks down to the Twin Towers and go to the observatory at the top to see the city from the perspective of a drop of water in the clouds. It was a great way to humble oneself.

I also used to photograph the Twin Towers regularly, doing that had a bit of the opposite effect. So grand and photogenic were those buildings, one would think he or she was just maybe the very best photographer in the world.

Alexandra and I are expecting a baby any day now. At a party recently someone said, "Yikes, I hope it's not born on September 11th!" Someone else cut in, "Actually, I think that would be the most beautiful thing. That day needs more souls."

I leave you with that as I head out on a jog on this special day.

Enjoy the poem and pix above.

Go, go, go...


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