Thursday, July 6, 2017

Goodbye, Michael Bond

I was saddened this week learning Paddington Bear author Michael Brown had died in England at the age of 91. Here's a new tribute self-portrait featuring me and my collection from over the years. Yes, I was, and will remain, a bit of a fan.

Raise a jar of marmalade, friends. Dark day in Darkest Peru.*

The night Mr. Bond had died - and before his passing was announced - before putting Lulu to bed, I was looking through old archival boxes and happened upon a small grey alpaca sweater I'd randomly purchased in Peru 10 years ago "on spec." I had the brainwave to put it on 'Stissy McGhee,' my 40-year-old, favourite Paddington (wearing it, hatless, in centre of pic). Also in the box was his original jacket and hat which I hadn't seen in many years.

And if that wasn't enough, the next morning, still before his death was announced, I noticed that the vintage boxed set of Paddington books in Lulu's room (she's a fan too) had somehow found itself on the floor, knocked off the bookshelf.

As you may know, my life is filled with with coincidences like these which I love sharing with you. Bittersweet to relay them and this pic. Thanks for 'bearing' with me. :)

My condolences to the family of Mr. Bond and to all my fellow PB fans of all ages.


P.S. In better news, I just learned Paddington Bear 2 is coming soon. Here's the trailer.

Read more about Michael Bond's life and Paddington Bear in this story from The Guardian.

*My sister Maira came up with the 'darkest day' line when she texted me the news. She also saluted my 'bond with Bond.'


Anonymous said...

Greetings, Ez Sez:
Mr. Brown? Is that an alias?
Otherwise, bittersweet, melancholic, lovely.

Ezra Soiferman said...

Thanks for your comment. Don't think Brown was an alias, though certainly fitting for an ursine author. Glad you enjoyed the blog post.