Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rustique Salée - First customer

New Rustique Salée mini-pies
This Tuesday, I went for a few heavenly, creamy, desserty pies at Rustique on Notre-Dame West near de Courcelle. Been a very fave spot of mine since they opened a few years back and warmed Montreal’s heart and sweet tooth.

Cashier Jess told me a little secret that they were opening Rustique Salée right next door the next morning. Savoury take-out pies in the same flakey, buttery crusts. Be still my eating heart.

So, I showed up there the next morning, five minutes before the doors were unlocked and got my wish... I was the very first customer at Montreal’s newest outstanding eatery. Big honour.

Scarfed down three gorgeous mini-pies in the car as soon as I left. Incredible stuff.

Congrats to Ryan Bloom, Chef Ali, Sophie, Judith, Melissa, Jess and the entire team of sweet and savoury pie geniuses at Rustique. Home run outta the gate (or outta the oven, as it were).

Go pie! Go yum! Go Montreal food!


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