Thursday, June 2, 2022

New 'Music Photeo': "Purple Clouds"


Still from "Purple Clouds".
Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

🎸☁️🚗I took a magical road trip out to Shawinigan, Quebec, last week to see friends and unexpectedly ended up shooting a brand new music photeo (a music video featuring my photos) for the incredibly talented James Forest on a secret lake near his place just outside “Shawi”. 

James Forest at the lake

The brilliant tune is called “Purple Clouds” and the impromptu video came about when I asked him to play it once we got to the lake.

The sweet “behind-the-scenes” photo below of me filming
James was shot by Ilana Block.

WATCH the full video for “Purple Clouds” in HD at the YouTube link here:

Hope you dig James Forest’s music as much as I do! Look for it on all the music streaming platforms. His sound is reminiscent of Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Harmonium. 

Enjoy the video and your discovery of this gem of a dude…


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