Wednesday, November 9, 2022

New Music Photeo: "Stages of Psychosexual Development"

Ryan Stotland in the music photeo for "Stages of Psychosexual Development". Watch it here.

Here it is, perhaps the kookiest in a long line of strange and beloved film projects I’ve undertaken. 

I was hired to create a brand new short video for the fun, funny and very Freudian song “Stages of Psychosexual Development” by talented Montreal singer-songwriter Ryan Stotland. 

To accomplish this ‘music photeo’ (my name for something halfway between a music video and a souped-up photo slideshow - this one is my tenth - watch them all here:, I carefully combed through my entire digital photo archive from the past 12 years (over 100,000 images) and selected the most suggestive and appropriate (sometimes inappropriate) shots to accompany Ryan’s song that delves deep into Freud’s (sometimes discredited) 1905 theory of sexual development. 

You can watch the new video here:

Hope you get a kick out of it! 


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